I enjoy exploring and discovering new aspects of my potential in design with experimenting in various multimedia software as I see myself as more of a designer than developer. Photography has become an enjoyable aspect of my course when using new equipment for lighting effects and being shown new ways to approach photography in public on the street. I always pay attention and think about the methodology behind advertising in public areas such as London, at events and online with different campaigns for films, TV shows and music artists. I particularly enjoy creating advertising products using my personal knowledge in design for example working on public information campaigns as part of my A2 design coursework that you can view below on this site. Keeping active is also one of my priorities that I fit around work as I enjoy rowing for my university throughout the week and taking part in races against other universities.


Here are my final 3 images taken inside of 3Ds max 2013 (If using IE 7-8 please allow blocked content to view) once complete with modelling, texturing and lighting. I was asked to design and create my own 3D visualisation of a gym for my first 3D design assignment at Brunel University (2nd Year). During this assignment, I have learned the essentials of 3Ds max, covering how to model, texture and light a scene. I have also covered the basics in animation. Soon I will be uploading work on 3D animation.

Camera 3, featuring the weights, punch bag and drinks fountain


Scroll through this next slider to see my graphic works in Art, Print promotional campaigns and logo design. All of these creations have been established through my skills in Photoshop and Illustrator. More work will be inserted once my 2nd year is finally complete. The work you see here has been created over the past few years working on assignments and work in A-Level Graphic Art. Feel free to check out my flickr account and make sure you follow and comment.


The following work contains photography from my work at university, involving street photography, Surrealism photography and photography from a trip to Portsmouth that I took last year. All have been taken in manual mode with RAW photography with my cannon eos 20D. More photography can be seen on my Flickr site with work I have done outside of university.


Shot back in 2011, I wanted to experiment (using Adobe Premiere Pro CS5) with ways in which I can create a good time lapse sequence. I wanted to show the cities of Hong Kong and Shanghai bustling with life. I planned cityscape shots along with in motion shots on vehicles such as a moving bus. I wanted to show 2 different sides of china through 2 different cities. Both cities combined, I wanted to convey the way in which each city is busy and how china's population shows with exemplar shots being the public crossing when the bus stops and when the traffic is in sequence with the traffic lights in their start stop pattern. My skills in Adobe Premiere Pro have given me the chance to create a short film featuring sped up clips with filters, transitional effects, sound and annotations.

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